The Healy Chapel offers a full range of traditional burial services.

Many families see the value in viewing their loved one as a beginning to the healing process. They see the acknowledgement that a loved one has died and the importance of a funeral service to celebrate and memorialize a life lived as central to navigating through the various steps associated with the grief process.

The funeral home staff prepares the remains and provides the comfortable, peaceful setting to enable a family to honor their loved one. This type of service also allows friends, other relatives and members of the community the forum to pay their respects to the grieving family.

Often times, the people that attend a visitation or funeral will pay their respect by sending flowers, offering a card or even making a memorial donation in memory of a loved one or friend. These kind gestures most assuredly will comfort a grieving family as they move forward living with the void created by the loss of someone they have shared a life with.

Traditional burial services include the selection of a casket, burial vault, grave spaces among other product offerings. Our experienced staff of funeral professionals will assist a family with all of the different aspects such as scheduling a visitation and a funeral service. In addition, they will assist with the planning, supervising and coordinating service details with those involved in the funeral service.

The funeral professional will arrange and facilitate the family by arranging for clergy, cemetery services, obituaries, casket, outer burial container, obtaining death certificates and a burial permit and any other services that a family has requested to be provided.

At Healy Chapel, we will guide your family through the process in a professional, compassionate, detailed and comfortable manner. The staff will assist the family as if they were part of their own family while recognizing the importance of memorializing the loss of an individual who was so very central in their lives.

A traditional funeral service is a way for some families to begin the journey through life while having creating a lasting memory of a life lived.  This is the basis in which The Healy Chapel has built its reputation on for more than 120 years of fine funeral service to the Aurora and its surrounding communities.