Some families prefer cremation as their choice for final disposition.

At Healy Chapel, we provide a complete range of cremation services. Our focus is to assist a family with the memorialization of their loved one. Whatever final disposition is chosen, traditional burial or cremation, it is important to allow a time for family and friends to gather to share memories of the deceased.

In the case of cremation, this can be achieved by having a service or gathering at a funeral home, church or another location. The intent would be to honor the life of a person in a meaningful way. Our staff of funeral professionals can guide families through the cremation process. They will handle all of the aspects with respect to the planning, supervising and coordinating service details with those involved in the cremation services. A total of four separate documents are required to be filed by the funeral home when cremation is the chosen final disposition. Once the documents have been obtained, the remains can be transferred to the crematory. The cremated remains are then returned to the funeral home. During the arrangement conference, the family is asked to discuss how they will handle the disposition of the cremated remains. Options to consider, to name a few, are ground burial, scattering or displaying in one’s home. We believe that it is very important to plan a disposition of the cremated remains as it helps to provide an appropriate closure for the family. We have a wide array of urn choices to select from. In the case of ground burial of cremated remains, some cemeteries require that an urn constructed of a certain material be provided. In this case, we can provide a list of urns that will be accepted for this purpose.

At Healy Chapel, we understand the confidence that a family has placed upon us in handling a loved ones remains for cremation. We take this responsibility seriously. We can assure a family that the crematory we place our trust with will abide by all of the state regulations during the cremation process. This will assure that the remains that are transferred to the cremation facility will not be comingled with any other remains and that the cremated remains that are returned to our firm are those of the individual that was transferred there. We have to have complete trust in the crematory that we choose to carry out the cremation process.

Our staff of funeral professionals are thorough when giving families service options when cremation has been chosen as the final disposition. There are families that choose to have a traditional funeral service with cremation being the final disposition. The family can choose to use our ceremonial casket, which is a high quality wooden casket that can be used during the visitation or funeral service. This specialty casket can be relined for additional uses.

After the services have been concluded, the remains are placed in a cremation container and transferred to the crematory. As was mentioned earlier, the cremated remains are returned to the family for their chosen disposition. Some families can also choose from a selection of combustible caskets to have the visitation and funeral service.

In this case, the remains are transferred to the crematory in the casket of their choice. Another option that is available is to have a service or gathering without the remains present. There would be no viewing of the remains. An urn can be displayed for a visitation or memorial service, or the family could choose to not have any remains present whatsoever. The important aspect to remember here is that no matter what type of cremation service is selected, your family can still achieve closure and have a thoughtful, meaningful service.

At Healy Chapel, our staff can guide you through the cremation process and its respective options. We are very knowledgeable, detailed and thoughtful, regardless of the disposition that is chosen, whether it be burial or cremation services.